Upgrading My #HockeySkates

Lately, due to my more aggressive skating in hockey and the more time I have been spending on the ice, my old hockey skates have bitten the dust. I had gotten five years out of them so I do not feel as guilty. When I went to my pro-shop I actually discussed the type of skating and the time that I spend on the ice and I was recommended maybe it was time to upgrade from my old Reebok 9K Pump skates that I have been wearing. I had been doing my research and decided to upgrade to the Reebok CUSTOM 20K Pump Ice Skates for more support in the ankle and a stiffer feel that I like. However, they do make a regular version in which you just have a white holder and they are  about $20 cheaper. If you go with the Custom verson, there are plenty of color options for your holders to suit your taste.  So far with a few hours spent on the ice in these they have not been that difficult to break in and I do not regret putting the money into them.

One perk of being a female hockey player is that we can get away with buying some junior hockey equipment and that does save money because the Senior version of these skates would have cost twice as much. Hopefully these will be lasting me twice as long as my old skates. I still prefer my waxed laces in to make my skate tighter. When picking out your hockey skates, bottom line is how they fit and feel. It still never hurts to do your research prior to buying especially if your skates have seen better days. Remember, next to your helmet, your skates are the second most important piece of equipment that you will wear on the ice. This review is not sponsored.


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Another Pair of Elbow Pads That I Love #Hockey

If you are like me and have a small elbow and a petite then I also recommend the Bauer Vapor X 7.0 Sr. Elbow Pads because of the great snug fit, they stay still, and you have a great range of motion. These elbow pads give the top of the line elbow pads a serious run for the money without needing to spend nearly $100 on them. These elbow pads are worth it for the female hockey player at any level. This review is not sponsored.


Pulling Pranks On Your Teammates #Hockey

Being the only girl on a co-ed hockey team can be challenging and last year, 5 of my teammates had decided to use me as target practice for April Fools day. I had sworn vengeance and I have waited a year to get them back. My pranks would not cause expensive damage to their gear or cause injuries. Just sending them a message. I had pulled the pranks before April Fool’s Day because their defenses are down and would not expect an early strike. So here is what it did. I will label them one through five giving out my teammates jersey number and not naming names.

  1. Last year he put itching powder inside of my hockey pants so I signed this team member up for the Montreal Canadiens Newsletter since he is a rabid Boston Bruins Fan. He should start receiving the Newsletters soon. 
  2. This team member I am still angry with because he loosened the screws on my holders on my skates and caused me a sprained ankle. He received punishment from the league. We have made some peace but he still isn’t forgiven yet.
  3. For April Fool’s day last year, this person did the least original prank by messing with my water bottle so I am going to line the rim of his helmet with Vaseline.
  4. A year ago this person soaked my mouth guard in salt water, so I am soaking his in hot sauce.
  5. This teammate has let his gear marinate all season long and nothing has been washed. I believe this is an act of mercy but after the game last night. His gear was soaked down with Febreeze Sport. There again, some of it may be too far gone. He was one of the master minds behind let’s prank the only girl on the team.

They have apologized to me and have declared to never prank me again. The motive had been that they were upset that the league was going to make their team go co-ed or be disbanded. The reason why I had even started playing at the rink that I am in now is they had better ice time and it was less expensive than the other rink where I was playing in.


The Helmet That I Would Invest In For #Hockey

The helmet is the most important piece of gear that a player will wear on the ice. If you choose to go high end on a one piece of gear, I say let it be your helmet because brain injuries are permanent. The helmet that I would choose and plan on switching to the moment my current helmet decides to go on me is the Easton E700 Hockey Helmet because it is made strong enough for NHL use, you have full coverage all over your head, yet it feels light weight and you do have the option of purchasing the helmet with a face cage or add in your own face protection. This review is not sponsored.

Finding #womenshockeysticks- It can be an adventure (Not)

Women have been playing hockey right along with the boys since hockey’s infancy in Canada. However, most of the hockey sticks are not geared for us because the companies who make all of the hockey gear still cater to the boys. As a woman who plays defense on a co-ed team, this is what I look for. I like my shaft to be  strong enough to take the abuse but thin enough so I can get a firm grip on my stick. I also need a shaft that is short enough for me because I am 5’6 and do not like having to have my stick shortened or adding in an end plug. I prefer the blade to have a square toe and it can be geared for the senior sizing. Bottom line, females need hockey sticks that are friendly for our height and weight. Many times the intermediate sticks just don’t work and the senior sticks are not friendly for women.

Lastly, even though it may save you money, I still buy my hockey sticks in a pro-shop because I need to make sure it feels right for me. I may do all of the research but if it does not feel right in person, I do not want the hassle of having to send the stick back.

My Old #HockeyStick That Was Friendly Towards Female Hockey Players

Once upon a time, I used to play forward and this stick was the love of my life. This is the Sher-wood T90 Undercover Grip Sr. Composite Hockey Stick – Pink Edition. The reason why I loved it so much is it was perfect for sniper shooting, has a nice slim grip which is friendly for the female hockey player (most hockey sticks are geared for men). The problems came when I switched to defense with this stick. I ended up needing a stiffer flex than what this stick came in and started to prefer a more squared off toe than what this stick is offered on. I do recommend this stick for forwards, just not for defense players. This review is not sponsored.

Protecting Your Face Shield #Hockey

I am a wimp, I play hockey with a full face shield. I do use the A & R Helmet Bag to protect my face shield to keep my face shield free of scratches. Having a helmet bag is a great idea for those of us who play with visors and full face shields because you run the risk of scratching up your face and eye protection. One bag is all you need and will help extend the life of your hockey gear. This review is not sponsored.

Hockey Grips

I do have the Tacki Mac Patrick Kane Command Stick Grip on both of my hockey sticks and here are my thoughts. It is thinner than other Tacki Mac Grips and it does take some getting use to. The length is wonderful and does not wear down as fast as tape. However, I prefer a knob at the end of of my sticks. Bottom line, I do think they are worth it, especially if you do not want to be buying tape all of the time. This review is not sponsored.

Having A Sock Collection #Hockey

When I play in hockey tournaments  I like to have numerous pairs of skate socks because who honestly wants to wear the same sweat ridden socks over and over again with out washing? Especially if the tournament is over a few days. My choice is the Adidas Women’s Team Over-the-Calf Socks – 6 Pack because these socks are made for women, comfortable, and you can have several pairs for the price of one pair. Bottom line is when choosing your skate socks, go comfort first. This review is not sponsored.